Help Ukraine

Independent and official website to help Ukrainian civilisation.

Help us with Humanitarian equipments in order to save a maximum of Ukrainian civil's lives.

See our website to buy yourself the products you would like to offer. We focus on security products, health material and communications tools.

The list of supplied products will change during the requested situations.

We are adding more products available each day. If you are unsure what to buy, you can send money and we will create an order with the given amounts.

We also appreciate products donation.

If you supply one of these product and are cheaper of more efficient, pleasecontact us.

Delivery will occur in our office in Luxembourg. For more information on shipping, click here.

Why don’t we send money to the ukrainian army ?

If Ukrainian’s government falls, all the money will be redirected to Russian forces.

Why we do not go along an association ?

We want to be fast and effective.

Why are we helping Ukraine ?

We, ourselves are Ukrainians or Ukrainian’s lovers.

We are specialised in digital communicationand European distribution for many companies around Europe.

We already have a list of suppliers that are providing the products that we are buying. We can change anytime if we find more efficient or cheaper products.


We are transparent about our company and the persons that are working in this project.

During the COVID crisis, Powerlab helped Red Cross and many hopistals. Powerlab knows how to deal with emergencies situations.

You want to join the team and help ? Contact us!